Organizations and individuals have taken advantage of the Internet's ease of access and availability to provide and disseminate information on many topics of  interest to statisticians and educators.  These resource sites are an invaluable source of material that can be used at all levels of statistical instruction, and range from the simplest concepts to the most complex.  Listed below are a sampling of the sites which provide a wide range of coverage both in types of information and the perspectives taken.



      The preeminent Internet resource for statistical information is sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University and the American Statistical Association.  StatLib functions as a clearinghouse on a wide range of statistical components (datasets, software, resource papers, etc.) while also acting as a means of disseminating information about the ASA.



      Comprehensive resource listing

    UCLA Statistical Archive

      Maintained by the Department of Statistics at UCLA, this site is especially noteworthy for its educational resources, including online teaching material and tutorials

    Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources

      Developed by Michael Friendly, this site is one of the most comprehensive topic-based collections of available web resources for statistics, statistical graphics, and computation related to research, data analysis and teaching.

    Statistics on the Web

      Clay Helberg maintains a resource site that has a uniquely applied perspective on statistical resources, software, and people. This collection of statistical links, in addition to the topics on educational resources, software and publications, has a wealth of information on the professional aspects of statistics (professional organizations and consulting firms) and even some links to well-known statisticians.

    The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics

      Maintained by the Department of Statistics at the University of Florida, this site is one of the most comprehensive in both coverage of topics and depth of information.  It has an academic focus, with perhaps the most complete listing of departments and schools of statistics along with extensive listings of other statistical resources. 

      Robert Hyndman provides an Australian perspective on statistical resources, particularly with regard to available datasets.


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