Multivariate Data Analysis  Sixth Edition by Hair, Black, Babin, Anderson and Tatham

Supplemental Chapters

In preparation of the eighth edition, four chapters were omitted from the printed text and moved to online resources.  The techniques covered are:

  • Conjoint analysis
  • Correspondence analysis
  • Multidimensional scaling
  • Canonical correlation

These chapters have been professionally formatted for use as supplements to the text.  We have also provided the unique datasets, command syntax and outputs for these chapters to allow for their use just as was done in prior editions.  The four chapters and the associated material can be downloaded with the links below. We provide these materials for use as needed, but ask that any use outside of class provide the necessary citation or usage restrictions.

Supplemental Chapters and Additional Materials

To download ZIP file, Right Click on link , then "Save As.."

Supplemental Chapters

  • Chapters covering each of the four techniques listed above

Additional Materials for Supplemental Chapters

  • Datasets, command syntax and outputs for the four supplemental chapters.



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Multivariate Data Analysis
Hair, Black, Babin and Anderson