Multivariate Data Analysis by Hair, Black, Babin and Anderson


Suggested Readings

The following readings have been selected for their illustration of the application of multivariate techniques to specific research problems. For each multivariate technique, we first have a set of “classic” articles which exemplify the basic principles involved in applying that technique.  For these articles we also have a short annotation to give the reader a sense of the issues involved in each instance and the types of results achieved with this multivariate technique. We will also add more contemporary articles when they illustrate emerging applications of the technique.

Factor Analysis Multiple Regression Discriminant Analysis Logistic Regression
MANOVA Conjoint Cluster MDS
Correspondence Analysis SEM Introduction SEM CFA SEM Structural Models
Factor Analysis
  • Richins, Marsha L., and Scott Dawson (1992), “A Consumer Values Orientation for Materialism and Its Measurement: Scale Development and Validation,” Journal of Consumer Research 19 (December), 303–16.  [summary]
  • Deshpande, Rohit (1982), “The Organizational Context of Market Research Use,” Journal of Marketing 46 (Fall), 91–101.  [summary]
Multiple Regression Analysis
  • Hise, Richard T., Myron Gable, J. Patrick Kelly, and James B. McDonald (1983), “Factors Affecting the Performance of Individual Chain Store Units: An Empirical Analysis.” Journal of Retailing 59(2), 22–39.  [summary]

  • Clawson, C. Joseph (1974), “Fitting Branch Locations, Performance Standards, and Marketing Strategies to Local Conditions.” Journal of Marketing 38 (January), 8–14.  [summary]

  • Alpert, Mark I., and Jon F. Bibb (1974), “‘Fitting Branch Locations, Performance Standards, and Marketing Strategies’: A Clarification.” Journal of Marketing 38 (April), 72–74. [summary]

Multiple Discriminant Analysis
  • Dant, Rajiv P., James R. Lumpkin, and Robert P. Bush (1990), “Private Physicians or Walk-in Clinics: Do the Patients Differ?” Journal of Health Care Marketing 10(2): 25–35.  [summary]

  • Roth, Kendall, and Allen J. Morrison (1992), “Business-Level Competitive Strategy: A Contingency Link to Internalization.” Journal of Management 18(3): 473–87.  [summary]

  • Montemayor, Edilberto F. (1996), “Congruence between Pay Policy and Competitive Strategy in High-Performing Firms.” Journal of Management 22(6): 889–908.  [summary]

Logistic Regression
  • Lussier, Robert N. (1995), “A Nonfinancial Business Success versus Failure Prediction Model for Young Firms.” Journal of Small Business Management 33(1): 8–20.  [summary]

Multivariate Analysis of Variance
  • Bello, Daniel C., and Nicholas C. Williamson (1985), “The American Export Trading Company: Designing a New International Marketing Institution.” Journal of Marketing 49(4): 60–69.  [summary]

  • Urbany, Joel E., William O. Bearden, and Dan C. Weilbaker (1988), “The Effect of Plausible and Exaggerated Reference Prices on Consumer Perceptions and Price Search.” Journal of Consumer Research 15(1): 95–110.  [summary]

  • Brewer, Neil, Lynne Socha, and Rob Potter (1996), “Gender Differences in Supervisors’ Use of Performance Feedback.” Journal of Applied Social Psychology 26(9): 786–803.  [summary]

Conjoint Analysis
  • Rosko, Michael D., Michael DeVita, William F. McKenna, and Lawrence R. Walker (1985), “Strategic Marketing Applications of Conjoint Analysis: An HMO Perspective.” Journal of Health Care Marketing 5(4): 27–38.  [summary]

  • Barich, Howard, and V. Srinivasan (1993), “Prioritizing Marketing Image Goals under Resource Constraints.” Sloan Management Review 34(4): 69–76.  [summary]

  • Money, Arthur, David Tromp, and Trevor Wegner (1988), “The Quantification of Decision Support Benefits within the Context of Value Analysis.” MIS Quarterly 12(2): 223–36.  [summary]

Cluster Analysis
  • Singh, Jagdip (1990), “A Typology of Consumer Dissatisfaction Response Styles,” Journal of Retailing 66(1): 57–99.  [summary]

  • Larwood, Laurie, Cecilia M. Falbe, Mark P. Kriger, and Paul Miesing (1995), “Structure and Meaning of Organizational Vision,” Academy of Management Journal 38(3): 740–769.  [summary]

  • Kabanoff, Boris, Robert Waldersee, and Marcus Cohen (1995), “Espoused Values and Organizational Change Themes,” Academy of Management Journal 38(4): 1075–1104.  [summary]

  • Furse, David H., Girish N. Punj, and David W. Stewart (1984), “A Typology of Individual Search Strategies among Purchasers of New Automobiles,” Journal of Consumer Research 10(4): 417–431.  [summary]

Multidimensional Scaling
  • Wind, Yoram, and Patrick J. Robinson (1972), “Product Positioning: An Application of Multidimensional Scaling.” In Attitude Research in Transition, ed. R. I. Haley (Chicago: American Marketing Association). 155–75.  [summary]

  • Robinson, Sandra L., and Rebecca J. Bennett (1995), “A Typology of Deviant Workplace Behaviors: A Multidimensional Scaling Study.” Academy of Management Journal 38(2):555–72.  [summary]

Correspondence Analysis
  • Green, Paul E., Catherine M. Schaffer, and Karen M. Patterson (1988), “A Reduced-Spaced Approach to the Clustering of Categorical Data in Market Segmentation.” Journal of the Market Research Society 30(3): 267–88.  [summary]

  • Javalgi, Rajshekhar, Thomas Whipple, Mary McManamon, and Vicki Edick (1992), “Hospital Image: A Correspondence Analysis Approach.” Journal of Health Care Marketing 12(4): 34–41.  [summary]

Structural Equation Modeling - An Introduction
  • Hughes, Marie Adele, R. Leon Price, and Daniel W. Marrs (1986), “Linking Theory Construction and Theory Testing: Models with Multiple Indicators of Latent Variables.” Academy of Management Review 11(1): 128–44.  [summary]

SEM - Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  • Doll, William J., Weidong, Xia, and Gholamreza Torkzadeh (1994), “A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the End-User Computing Satisfaction Instrument.” MIS Quarterly 18(4): 453–61.  [summary]

SEM - Testing a Structural Model
  • Netemeyer, Richard G., James S. Boles, Daryl O. McKee, and Robert McMurrian (1997), “An Investigation into the Antecedents of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in a Personal Selling Context.” Journal of Marketing 61(3): 85–98.  [summary]

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Multivariate Data Analysis
Hair, Black, Babin and Anderson