Multivariate Data Analysis  Sixth Edition by Hair, Black, Babin, Anderson and Tatham

Multivariate Data Analysis by Hair, et al  -- The world's leading authority on applied multivariate data analysis based on number of citations, as reported by Google Scholar

One of the features of Multivariate Data Analysis 6/E is its use of a single dataset (HBAT) as illustration for most of the multivariate techniques. To enable educators and students to replicate the analyses, we have provided not only the datasets, but the control commands for SPSS and SAS.  For those techniques in which SPSS or SAS were not used (e.g, structural equation modeling), control commands are given for the appropriate programs (e.g., LISREL). For those not able to actually run the statistical software, SPSS outputs in PDF format are provided as well.

Program Command Syntax and Analysis Outputs

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Multivariate Data Analysis  6/E
Hair, Black, Babin, Anderson and Tatham