Multivariate Data Analysis  Sixth Edition by Hair, Black, Babin, Anderson and Tatham


Now in the eighth edition, Multivariate Data Analysis has changed considerably since its first publication in 1979.  Throughout this time, the authors have strived to serve both academicians and applied researchers with a text that presents both the basic techniques as well as the "cutting-edge" developments" in a presentation style amenable to both audiences: an applications-oriented introduction to multivariate analysis for the nonstatistician.  We encourage you to see what is new or been revised in the eighth edition as well as periodically check back with to view updates to the chapters as well as any corrections that should be noted.

Overview of the Eighth Edition

          See the updates and added material in the eighth edition

Overview of the Seventh Edition

See the changes and added material in the seventh edition

Overview of the Sixth Edition

Review the new material added to the sixth edition

Updates and Corrections

All updated materials plus corrections of errata in recent editions


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Multivariate Data Analysis
Hair, Black, Babin and Anderson