While we hope everyone will enjoy the sixth edition, many users may want to refer to analyses performed in the fifth edition as well.  To provide replication of the analyses in the prior edition, we have provided not only the datasets (HATCO and others), but also the control commands for both SPSS and SAS that were used.  For those techniques in which SPSS or SAS was not used (e.g, some MDS, structural equation modeling), control commands are given for the appropriate programs (e.g., PREFMAP, LISREL). For those who are not able to actually run the statistical software, SPSS outputs are provided as well.


For each chapter, there are possibly three files to download:  Control Commands (ch__cc), Output Files (ch__out) and Associated Datasets (ch__dat).

Chapter Control Commands Output Files Datasets
1     HATCO_data
2 CH02cc CH02out  
3 CH03cc CH03out  
4 CH04cc CH04out  
5 CH05cc CH05out  
6 CH06cc CH06out  
7 CH07cc CH07out  
8 CH08cc CH08out  
9 CH09cc CH09out CH09dat
10 CH10cc CH10out  
11 CH11cc CH11out CH11dat
Appendix     Sales_dat

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Multivariate Data Analysis  6/E
Hair, Black, Babin, Anderson and Tatham