In order to provide more comprehensive materials to adopters of Multivariate Data Analysis we have created an "adopters-only" section where we can make many more materials readily available to faculty using the textbook.  This is not seen as a replacement for the publisher's website, but a supplement providing a more extensive set of materials for the faculty member teaching multivariate statistics.  Instructions are also available for accessing Prentice Hall's Instructor's Resource Center  website for faculty adopters.


In addition to material provided by the authors (e.g., not only the "basic" PowerPoint presentations but "enhanced" versions as well), other faculty may contribute materials that they deem appropriate for distribution only to faculty members.


We encourage all faculty to contribute materials, whether it be for general distribution in the "Great Ideas For Teaching Multivariate Statistics" or in this section  restricted to only adopters of the text.


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Multivariate Data Analysis
Hair, Black, Babin and Anderson